Pronounced Eye-uh-day Aya’de A mix of Simaya and Sade


​Aya’de Health and Beauty is exactly what it says, health and beauty go hand in hand. I stood at my fast pace makeup artistry job, that was unusually slow that day. A few women came to visit and each one with a skin care concern. I read the ingredients on many of our labels, and even as nurse I could not pronounce some of the chemicals that were in it, (yes chemicals). No wonder why they are having issues, some of the skincare ingredients were toxic. That day when I got off, I dove further into holistic health. I took many classes over a 18 month span, and combined with my healthcare knowledge as nurse of 15 years, I created my skincare line. I’m a firm believer in natural products are better for us. Our skin is our largest organ, so why not care for it without harmful chemicals. Nature was so smart it put medicine in the plants.