Baby Wipes
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Baby Wipes

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Clean, soothe, and protect! With several diaper changes a day, we need non irritating wipes that are gentle enough for babies entire body. These wipes are thick!! No need to use 5-6 wipes anymore! Our wipes are made with distilled water, aloe vera juice, calendula oil, honey, chamomile and colloidal oats. No harsh fragrance, parabens, preservatives, or dyes. 100% organic cotton wipes. 

Wipes are Unscented

1. Gently cleanse babies bottom from front to back, may also use on face and body, then discard. 

*Made will all herbal oils that are created by Aya’de Health and Beauty* some small particles of herb may be visible this is not harmful*

Quantity: 30 wipes


* intended for infants, toddlers, and small children under 12. 

*patch test for sensitivity* 
** Shelf life: 1-2 months store in cool dry place**


 Aya’de Health and Beauty is a plant based skincare and body care company. Our products are not drugs at all. We make no claims in diagnosing, treating, curing disease.  Our products have not been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and are not marketed with the intentions of curing, treating or preventing disease.

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