Power Puffs
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Power Puffs

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Let's relax, relate, and release. We have curated pre-rolled herbal joints. These are 100% percent herbs only. NO THC, NO CBD, NO NICOTINE, NO TOBACCO. All herbs are organic and pesticide free. Each roll is crafted to help ease anxiety, depression, pms symptoms, insomnia and low libido. Each roll is approx 4inches long, these are king size rolls, for you to relax and enjoy!

Moon Cycle Puff:  Mullein- coats and protects lungs. Red raspberry- menstrual cramps. Heavy menstrual bleeding, and nausea .Yarrow- tones the muscles of the uterus, bloating. Hibiscus-helps ease irritability. Chamomile- anti spasmodic, reduce cramps. Nettle- decrease menstrual flow balance hormones. Rose-reduce irritability, mood stabilizer. Blue lotus: relax and mood stabilizer. 

Zzzzz Puff: Mullein root- coats and protects lungs.Valerian root- promote sleep and relaxation. Lavender- calming to ease the mind. Chamomile- calming to ease mind and body. Calendula- relax muscles and joints. Mugwort-lucid dreams. 

Let’s Chill Puff: Mullein-coats protects lungs. Blue lotus- relaxing, euphoric happy feeling. Lemon balm-reduce anxiety, nervousness. Passion flower-reduce stress help focus. Skullcap-boost mood calm anxiety. Peppermint-improved blood circulation and calm nerves.

 The Big O: Marshmallow root- relax mood, protect lungs. Damiana- sexual arousal. ashwagandha- sexual arousal, relaxation. Rose-relaxation, passion and love. Jasmine- sensual aid, calming.



 For legal use only. Not for use in pregnancy. Smoking can pose a risk to your health, toke responsibly. Research usage and possible interactions, or consult your healthcare provider, before using a new herb for the first time. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.


Do not take if you're pregnant, allergic to ragweed, have inflammation, glaucoma, cancer, or are on anti-anxiety medication. Consult MD if you are on any psychoactive medications. 

If you have allergies to any of the ingredients, do not use this product. If you develop an allergic reaction, stop taking this product.


💜All-natural ingredients.
💜No synthetic preservatives, fragrances, or additives.
💜Essential oil free.
💜Never tested on animals.
💜Inspired by botanicals and their natural abilities














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