Sacred Yoni Serum
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Sacred Yoni Serum

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Tighten Her. Strengthen Her. Love Her. We created this plant based serum to help tighten vaginal walls. Made with aloe vera gel, aloe vera juice, rose water, apple cider vinegar,  oak gall, curcuma comosa, potassium alum, and love. No artificial preservatives, no dyes, no fragrance. 2oz bottle.


*patch test for sensitivity* 

Shelf Life: 3 months

*Only use on vagina, not hair, eyes, body or face. Do not douche with this product*  *May use externally vagina outer labia) and also internally, not in/on hair, body, penis, anus, scrotum, face, eyes or ingest internally*

*not intended for infants, toddlers, or small children 12 and up*

*May use daily and as needed* 


1. Cleanse vagina

2. Apply 1 dropper full onto clean hands 

3. Apply directly to outer labia and allow to dry

4. For internal use apply 1 dropper full inside vagina, may use with sexual intercourse, Yoni eggs, and Ben Wa balls. 


Aya’de Health and Beauty is a plant based skincare and body care company. Our products are not drugs at all. We make no claims in diagnosing, treating, curing disease. Our products have not been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and are not marketed with the intentions of curing, treating or preventing disease.

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