Bright Future Face Serum

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Bright Future Face Serum

This powerful serum is used to fade dark marks and nourish the skin. Use on clean damp face before moisturizer. Use morning and night for maximum results. 

Ingredients: Black Currant Seed Oil, high in vitamin C which helps boost collagen production. Also high in Linoleic acid which is helpful if you suffer from acne. Also contains pomergranate seed oil to fight free radicals and anti-aging. Rose hip seed oil as an antiseptic and reduce redness. Bearberry extract, tumeric oil, sandalwood oil, jasmine, lemon oil, black seed oil to fade and brighten skin. All products are non-comdogenic. Suitable for all skin types. No preservatives, Cruelty Free

WARNING: If pregnant, consult a physician. Do a skin patch test behind the ear to check for sensitivity or allergies. 

Shake well before each use.
Apply to clean skin
Tone with cotton pad or spray directly on the skin
Apply 2-3 drops directly on the skin
Apply moisturizer
Use a.m and p.m

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