Pretty Pumpkin Please

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Pretty Pumpkin Please

This pumpkin mask is loaded with several nutrients and is a super food for the skin. Your skin will feel replenished, brightened, and soft.

Ingredient: Pumpkin fruit, vitamin E and C, organic sugar cane, lemon and orange peel, cranberry, bilberry extract, neem oil, sunflower seed oil, cinnamon bark, ginger root, rosemary leaf, meadowfoam seed oil, glycolic acid (sugar cane derived)

130.5 gm net wt.

*patch test for sensitivity*

Use 2 times a week

Apply to clean skin

Tone using cotton pad or spray directly onto skin

Apply a thin layer, using clean hands or a clean makeup brush ( light tingling may occur)

Leave on for 10-15 min

Rinse with cool water


Apply serum

Apply moisturizer

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