Sacred Yoni Verse II

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Sacred Yoni Verse II

This entire set, is dedicated to your divine feminine powers, embrace it fullest. You get a Yoni steam of your choice, Yoni wash, yoni oil, and yoni wipes, for a on the go cleanse!! Cleanse, steam, tone, tighten, prevent and heal. All while making you feel like a true Goddess. 

*See individual product for full ingredients and descriptions*
Moody Yoni-Verse: Moody steam herbs for PMS, menses regulation, yoni wash, and yoni oil
Sweet Yoni-Verse- Sweet yoni steam herbs, for prevention of bv, yeast, cleanse, tone, tighten, yoni wash, and yoni oil
Oh Baby Yoni-Verse- OH Baby Yoni Steam herbs, to help aid in fertility, yoni wash, and yoni oil. 

 *Custom Blended steams avail per request, please email specifications, and allow 5 business days*
All yoni products, disinfect, cleanse, maintain ph, prevent BV, yeast, soothe irritation, antibacterial, anti- inflammatory. 

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